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St Patrick's Day

Village: Burley Road Location: Reception Start Time: 3:00PM 17 March 2024

Come to the Reception to celebrate St Patrick's Day with us! Try one of our Shamrock Shakes, made with mint ice creams, a hint of Irish whiskey and whipped cream on top!

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Board-Game Night

Village: Burley Road Location: Common Room Start Time: 5:00PM 06 April 2024

Time for board games!

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Grow a plant

Village: Burley Road Location: Reception Start Time: 9:00AM 30 March 2024

Plants are always a joy! Come by reception to grab yourself a plant pot with a variety of flowers which you can care for and see it grow! It will be a nice break from all the university work.

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Movie Night

Village: Burley Road Start Time: 4:00PM 25 February 2024

Join us for some movies ranging from comedy to action, we will also be bringing some lovely movie snacks such as popcorn!