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Searching for gold coins...

Village: Burley Road Location: Burley Road Start Time: 12:00AM 20 April 2024

Gold coins will be hidden all over the campus, with equal amounts in every building (only mainly corridors and stairs) and yard. Who will find the most golden treasures, wins a hamper full of goods!

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Board-Game Night

Village: Burley Road Location: Common Room Start Time: 5:00PM 06 April 2024

Time for board games!

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Grow a plant

Village: Burley Road Location: Reception Start Time: 9:00AM 30 March 2024

Plants are always a joy! Come by reception to grab yourself a plant pot with a variety of flowers which you can care for and see it grow! It will be a nice break from all the university work.

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Movie Night

Village: Burley Road Start Time: 4:00PM 25 February 2024

Join us for some movies ranging from comedy to action, we will also be bringing some lovely movie snacks such as popcorn!