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April Vets Raffle and Sweet Giveaway

Village: Bonington Student Village Location: CLV Reception Start Time: 12:00PM 30 November 2022 End Time: 12:00PM 09 December 2022

As a thank you for your stay at Sutton Bonington we will be preparing sweet bags with a raffle ticket inside for a chance to win an extra little goody bag!
Just pop into reception when collecting a parcel or in general to collect your sweet bag.
April Vets only.

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Christmas Dinner In A Bun

Village: Bonington Student Village Location: A Block Common Room Start Time: 1:00PM 15 December 2022 End Time: 3:00PM 15 December 2022
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Win A Christmas Hamper

Village: Bonington Student Village Location: Your Flat! Start Time: 8:00AM 01 December 2022 End Time: 8:00PM 14 December 2022

Best Decorated Flat Will Win a Hamper Full of Goodies

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Christmas Gift Bags

Village: Bonington Student Village Start Time: 8:00AM 19 December 2022 End Time: 12:00PM 23 December 2022

Staying over Christmas? We'll be delivering you a little something!