Simple International Pi Day Instagram Post

International pi day celebration!

Village: Arena Village Start Time: 3:00PM 14 March 2024

On March 14th, we’re honouring the most famous mathematical constant with the most delicious dessert. Come and enjoy a variety of pies, from steak to mushroom, from lemon to chocolate.

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Arena Village Doughnut Day

Village: Arena Village Location: Reception Start Time: 12:00PM 02 March 2024 End Time: 3:00PM 02 March 2024

Who doesn't like doughnuts?

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The Ultimate Doubles Pool Tournament

Village: Arena Village Location: Common Room Start Time: 7:30PM 14 March 2024

Join us for our doubles pool tournament! Chalk up your pool cues and show of your skills, The aim of the game is pure teamwork. Who will be the best pair at Arena Village!

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Make your own Pizza

Village: Arena Village Location: Common Room Start Time: 5:00PM 06 March 2024

Come to the Common Room and make your pizza!