Soundtrack to your Uni Life! Playlists for the Student Mind

Posted on 13/10/2020 by

Listening to music can be a great way to stay motivated and concentrated. Music has such a powerful impact on our daily lives, and can even be a strong source to help us get through lengthy assignments and exam prep. 

Many scientific studies have shown that music can improve motivation as it causes the brain to release dopamine: a chemical that regulates goal-oriented behaviour. Some studies even show that if you listen to soothing, relaxing tunes it can alter brainwave speeds to induce a meditative-like state.

However, soothing music is different for everyone. Some might prefer soft, classical piano while others might prefer faster beats to accompany their study session. 

In this blog, we gathered some great music playlists for students from YouTube and Spotify. 

Rainy Day Coffee Shop Ambiance | YouTube

This video is three hours of soft and soothing piano music set to background ambiance of raindrops falling fast around you. It offers a warm and cosy vibe, giving off the feeling of being somewhere comforting and safe. This is a great playlist for tasks like drawing or calculating. Formulaic and methodological tasks that lets your mind feel at peace. 

Melancholy Instrumentals | Spotify  

This playlist is a collection of beautiful and melancholy instrumental pieces that are easy on the ears. Listening to this playlist gives you the feeling of being in a large, ancient library. With soft amber light, comfy couches, elegant and long timber tables as well as layers and layers of large shelves filled with books from all over the world. There’s a quiet atmosphere that no one dares to break. This is a great playlist for when you need to sink yourself into research and get through reading journal articles or research papers. 

Midnight Aura | YouTube 

This video is a combination of jazzy lo-fi songs that have soothing and serene beats. It feels like sitting in the quiet night time air, where there’s not many people and only occasional sounds from outside. This is a great playlist for those late nights when you’re playing catch up on homework or assignments. 

Jazz in the Background | Spotify

This Spotify playlist compiles a range of sultry jazzy tunes to keep you company. Listening to this selection gives off the feeling of sitting in a cosy café as you watch people walk along cobbled streets. It’s a great playlist for those days when you want to get some writing done. Brew some coffee in your favourite mug, get comfortable at your desk, pop on this playlist and let those words flow. 

Butterfly Hug | YouTube 

This YouTube playlist has a gorgeous collection of mellow beats that are sure to put you in a relaxed yet focused mood. It’s a great one for when that mid-afternoon slump hits and you’re finding it hard to get on with your tasks. Take a few deep breaths, make yourself some sweet tea and let the tunes from this playlist slowly guide you back to productivity. 

Daydreaming with You | YouTube

This YouTube playlist has a lovely collection of sweet and uplifting tunes that are sure to brighten your day! This is a great playlist for when you want to get some light cleaning or reorganising done. It fills the air with optimism and a fresh perspective, making it feel like you’re giving yourself a new start. 

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