Bubble Tea

NAIDOC Week Quiz and Bubble Tea

Village: UNSW Village Location: Reception Start Time: 5:00PM 10 July 2024 End Time: 6:00PM 10 July 2024

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chicken parmi

Parmi Night

Village: UNSW Village Location: Reception Start Time: 6:00PM 15 July 2024 End Time: 6:30PM 15 July 2024

Have you tried a Parmi? This is bread coated chicken and then baked in tomato sauce and topped with melted cheese and we have this in eggplant as Vegetarian option and sides include Napolitan pasta, rosemary and herb wedges with garlic bread. Try this tasty Aussie classic meal and you can thank the Village later for another one of our awesome events. Bring a plate, bowl or container and limited servings, don't miss out.


Cat Cafe

Village: UNSW Village Location: Reception Start Time: 10:15AM 13 July 2024 End Time: 12:15PM 13 July 2024

Take a break from studies and join our RA as they take you to a Cat Cafe to help you destress from studies and enjoy a cuppa with other residents while you meet cute kittens and cats.

chinese cooking class

Cooking Class - Chinese cuisine

Village: UNSW Village Location: Old Tote Start Time: 5:00PM 18 July 2024 End Time: 7:30PM 18 July 2024

Join our RA for a Cooking Class - Chinese cuisine. Learn how to make a stir fry dish and soup, tonight's menu Chicken Black Bean, Chinese Cabbage and noodles, Tomato and Egg Drop soup and boiled rice (this menu can be catered for Vegetarians). Come along and create this budget friendly dish and meet and social with other residents. Bring a bowl and cutlery to enjoy the evening meal and sign up at reception and please advise if you have any dietary requirements.