Respect at CLV

Creating respectful and inclusive communities
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Our Villages are home to many students from a diverse range of backgrounds and are respectful and inclusive communities. At CLV we do not tolerate disrespectful behaviour. It’s everyone’s responsibility to promote a culture of respect.


Browse our resources below to learn more about how we can all work together to create respectful communities and what to do if you've experienced or witnessed disrespectful behaviour, including sexual harassment or assault.

These pages outline guidance for Residents at CLV properties. If you are a CLV employee, please refer to internal policy documents and the employee Code of Conduct.


What can you do if you have experienced disrespectful behaviour?

If you have seen or experienced disrespectful behaviour including sexual harassment or sexual assault, we encourage you to speak with a member of the village team as soon as possible so we can support you. Click 'learn more' to find out what will happen when you speak with a member of our Team and the ways we can offer you support.

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Know where the line is

It is important that you understand what behaviour is appropriate and respectful. Learn more about how to identify inappropriate and unwanted behaviour is, and how to make sure you're part of building a respectful community at CLV.

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Consent is a core foundation of any respectful relationship. Learn more about what consent means and how to ask for it.

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